Jack Irish 3 – Dead Point


The third installment of Jack Irish is about to hit our screens on April 13th and Im very excited! As per the last 2 films (Black Tide & Bad Debts) the cast speaks volumes of the respect for Author Peter Temple. Of course there is the usual gang of  Guy Pearce, Marta Dusseldorp, Shane Jacobson, Aaron Pedersen & Roy Billing but Dead Point also has a guy by the name of Barry Humphries, The delightful Deborah Mailman & Kat Stewart, Vince Colosimo & John Jarratt. Who wouldn’t be excited!
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Its nice to be appreciated

I received this from a client of mine who’s wedding I shot in Perth recently.

Its a message from her husbands aunt. How lovely it is to occasionaly receive such spirit boosting feedback. Im so glad they loved the shots!


True Self 2013 + The Jacky Winter Group + Melbourne GPO

A while back during my hiatus from blogging I was in an exhibition called True Self at Melbournes GPO.

I was paired with visual artist Miranda Skoczek and were asked to collaborate on an image that reflected ‘True Self’. A massive thanks goes to the Jacky Winter Group, Monica Laskowski and Sarah Ewing for putting me forward xx Here is a little bit about the exhibition; The exhibition utilises the core element of collaboration, with visual artists creating works that are then captured ‘in camera’ by a photographer. The result is 10 large scale, unique pieces of fine art photography, each drawing upon the themes of positive self-image. Featuring 20 of Australia’s most cutting edge and contemporary fine artists and photographers working together;

Beci Orpin + Sean Fennessy
Dylan Martorell + Clare Rae
Kate Banazi + Bec Parsons and Bart Celestino
Kate Tucker + Brooke Holm
Miranda Skoczek + Lachlan Moore
Misha Hollenbach + Warwick Baker
Nathan Gray + Jesse Marlow
Sonia Rentsch + Willem-Dirk Du Toit
Tai Snaith + Jo Duck
Tin&Ed + Derek Henderson

All sales will directly benefit Fitted for Work, a not-for-profit organisation that helps women experiencing disadvantage dress the part for job interviews and gain the skills and confidence to find work. Fitted for Work has helped approximately over 12,000 women to date through its personal outfitting services and through its range of transition to work mentoring programs. Our Artists statement read:

Orchestrated through an organic process where artist and photographer have responded to elements such as light, location, concepts and medium. Here, the lone peacock, an allegory of beauty, wholeness and self-confidence is painted in loose, gestural brushwork within the vast space symbolising infinite possibility.An unscripted piece, thread together by positive affirmations in our own abilities and self-belief. Artist and photographer captured in a private world, for all to see.


SMEG Australia

SMEG kitchen shoot at Rokeby Studios!

Here are a couple of recent images produced, styled, built and shot by the Rokeby Studios Team.

Both sets were built in studio, designed and styled by the talented sister of mine Andrea Moore, Shot by Marija & I, produced by our old studio manager a new mum Kate Meehan and retouched by me!



Fierce Women 2013

Inspiring speakers, Amazing venue, Tasty tuck & Megan Washington @ Rokeby Studios._DSC7111_DSC7459_DSC7118_DSC7391_DSC7428_DSC7410_DSC7243_DSC7268

On Friday night at Rokeby Studio we were lucky enough to host ‘Fierce Women 2013′.

This year, the Fierce Women committee delivered an amazing fundraising event aimed at empowering the modern women.

The night was aimed at inspiring women to fulfill their potential as entrepreneur’s and live productive fruitful lives no matter what the universe throws at you.

There were a list of speakers who I will add shortly but one stand out was Belle Gibson. Her personal & incredible story of determination, rising above adversity, defying the doctors prgnosis’ & creating a chart topping #1 app The Whole Pantry left the guests speechless. Her delivery was emotional, honest and grounded resulting in standing ovation.  As well as the awesome speakers there was an auction of elaborate donated prizes & dinner by Tommy Collins.

Oh….and did I mention Megan Washington popped in to entertain the ladies as well!

Here is a run down of the wonderful women behind this charitable event.

Cara Norden (Founder)
Having worked with some of the world’s most prominent brands over the past eight years, in Australia and the UK, Cara knows what is takes to put brands in the spotlight and get people talking.

Harnessing her strong business nous with a distinct knack for connecting people and ideas, Cara’s entrepreneurial spirit means she is not afraid of jumping in and making things happen.

Passionate about conservation, mental health and living a balanced life, Cara is thrilled to present Fierce Women for a second year, in aid of a charity extremely close to her and her family’s heart. 

Karla Dawes (Founder)
Karla has worked in the public relations and events industry for the past eight years, working with brands such as Diesel, Superdry, Forever New and Cadbury.

Karla has a passion for social justice and is an integral part of the YGAP communications team where she works on the national fundraising initiative ‘5cent’ and ongoing public relations for the not for profit, along with organizing Fierce Women.

Georgina Davidson
Georgie is a global traveller and city dweller from country roots who started her own boutique interior design business CORN+CELESTE after leaving the corporate world several years ago.

Known for using base schemes of natural colours and materials that are derived from a rural palette, CORN+CELESTE’s work is casually layered with a sincerely ‘global edit’ of colour, texture, form & pattern, referenced with an innate sense of style.

Georgie is the creative brain behind the Fierce Women theming. 

Fleur Macfarlane
Fleur is the ultimate fashion sales women who could sell ice to Eskimos.

As well as being passionate about fashion, Fleur loves spending time with family and friends cooking fresh and healthy meals for them. From this passion Fleur recently launched a herb wine barrel business with her partner called Fleur & Wood.

Fleur also went through a life changing experience after having brain surgery and now makes sure she lives life to the fullest. 

Kirsty McLean
Kirsty works in retail digital marketing and has worked on brands including Sunglass Hut, Quiksilver, JAG and now works with Jeanswest.

Having lost her father to cancer, Kirsty is very passionate about raising the awareness of the support needed for cancer patients, their families, friends and carers. 

Sarah Edgar
Sarah loves food for its nourishing qualities, the way it can influence how you look, feel, think and behave, and that it brings people and communities together and can define a culture and created My Friends Can Cook, a blog, to inspire her friends who hated cooking, to get in the kitchen. 

Here is a list of the Speakers as promised.

Aimee Marks (TOM Organic) www.tomorganic.com.au
Emma Seibold (Barre Body & Urban Remedy Cleanse) www.barrebody.com.au www.urbanremedy.com.au
Belle Gibson (The Whole Pantry app) thewholepantryapp.com
Kate Gunn (Full of Grace) www.fullofgrace.com.au
Catherine Blackford (bindle) bindle.com.au
Lucy Mills (The Lighthaus) www.thelighthaus.com.au



Last night

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This is interesting and if you have a WordPress site then add this plug in.

Its called WP RETINA x2. Upload your images twice as big so that the plugin can work its magic and create an image that looks sharp on all retina devices. I don’t think I can apply this action to past posts though. If there are any issues with viewing this post on any of your devises please let me know in the comments section. L

IDJ wins a Melbourne Design Award!



Well deserving of a Melbourne design award I think !!

Last night this little beauty brought home a Melbourne Design Award for best Graphic Design – Publication! The girls and boys at Tank branding created this wonderful magazine and I was lucky enough to shoot its contents. I won’t bang on about it but you can see it HERE on my website or…..

Buy it HERE..
Read about it HERE..
or Download it on iTunes..

A massive thanks to TANK, my cover boy Leo Farrell (aka. chuck Palahniuk), Mad’s and my little gamers xx